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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I place an order? 1. Click "Order Now" on the top right hand corner of the website 2. Select your nearest location 3. Select your delivery time and address 4. Select from our variety of menu options 5. Enjoy HappyBoards at your next corporate event!

Absolutely! You can place an order up to 7 days before your event on happyboards.com. Alternatively, if you would like to place an order please contact us, via the link at the bottom of the website.

We will send you a text once your order has been placed and you can reach us for any changes or updates there.

When placing an order, choose a delivery time that is 30 minutes prior to your event in order to ensure it’s delivered in a timely manner.

Please order directly from HappyBoards.com. We are also available through 3rd party marketplaces such as EZCater, GrubHub, UberEats, and DoorDash.

Our menu is vegan and vegetarian friendly. We also offer gluten-free and nut-free options.

Yes, our PartyBoards and GrazingBoards come with folks, knives, tongs, honey dippers and small serving plates.

Yes! All of our boards come ready to serve on disposable trays that make for a fast & easy set-up and clean-up.

We are happy to provide support for your event, please contact us to discuss.

Please click the link below to schedule a call with our team!

You should choose HappyBoards for a few reasons. First, you’ll love the overall experience of working with us. Immediate order confirmations, text message updates from start to finish and an amazing product. It’s all about reliability and we have your back. Second, your guests will be blown away with the variety of cheeses, meats, jams, and the overall menu items. They’ll applaud you for making the event amazing. Third, your boss who approves the budget will love you too. We provide an amazing service for a reasonable price. We’re not stuffy cheesemongers or overpriced cheese platters. We offer amazing food at affordable prices. Our Boards are 100% guaranteed to bring your company/team together in the best way possible! #happytogether :) Everyone wins.

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