Make Your Own HappyBoards

Mix and match from our wide selection of cheeses, meats, nuts, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, homemade jams, and bread & crackers

HappyBoards (Serves 1-2)

Choose from our pre-built cheese & charcuterie boards curated by Chef Nelson

Baked Brie (serves 4)

Cheesy goodness of Oven-baked Brie to get that warm and gooey texture

PartyBoards (serves 4-6)

Perfect for events or when you have friends or guests over!

Grazing Boards

Perfect for parties or company events, for the cheesiest, meatiest, and sweetest on-demand grazing experience! Serves 15 to 20 people. Please allow an extra 1 hour for preparation time.


All of your favorite menu items bundled together for your events!